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Do you suffer from Reflux, Bloating and Gas?

Over 30% of the population have the potential to suffer from food intolerances or allergies when they eat wheat, dairy, soy and other plant products. These symptoms can be a sign of an autoimmune condition and if not treated can lead to serious diseases such as cancer, infertility, arthritis, etc. 

Dr. Hawkins, a well recognized scientist has discovered the way to break down proteins that cause food intolerance, allergies and other serious diseases using a blend of natural gingers. 

Together with this enzyme and changes to your lifestyle and diet can make a positive change towards your wellness goals.


RELIEF is a dry powder of a special proprietary blend of rhizomes of the Zingiberaceae family (gingers), recognised for millennia as powerful aids to digestion.

The processing of these ginger rhizomes has been designed to maintain the integrity of their numerous essential oils and powerful antioxidants, and their unique proteins and starches including the important PRP-specific enzymes. Do you suffer from Reflux, Bloating and Gas? 

How may Relief assist?

RELIEF's components are designed by nature to digest the protein structural elements that cause food intolerance and allergy. Routinely taking RELIEF and including its related product BAKE AID in food preparation have the potential to reduce the risk of the adverse reactions.

How do I use Relief?

Experience has shown that it is best to consume RELIEF suspended in water morning (after breakfast) and night (just before bed) at a level related to the body weight.


Twice a day mix about ½ teaspoon for each 60Kg body weight in about 40mL water or orange juice or aloe vera juice, gargle your throat and swallow. People with a serious autoimmune disease choose to take the daily dose three times a day after each meal. 

200g CAD $160.00 plus $20.00 track pack postage and handling within Canada

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Bake Aid

Bake Aid is a special proprietary blend of rhizomes of the zingiberaceae family gingers) designed to digest gluten in wheat flour.

The processing of these ginger rhizomes has been designed to maintain the integrity of their numerous essential oils and powerful antioxidants, and their unique proteins and starches. The gingers are encapsulated in rice flour and dried to form a stable powder.

Gluten intolerance

Cereal grains such as wheat contain proteins called gluten that cause serious health problems for a significant number of people. These proteins have structural elements that prevent our digestive systems from metabolising the proteins efficiently. These structural elements contain amino acid sequences that are capable of over sensitising a person'simmune system if the person has the gene that recognises these amino acidsequences. In Asia over 50% of the population have genes that react with gluten. However, the symptoms of gluten intolerance will only be recognised after the person has had their immune system sensitised by:

  • Repeated over-indulgence of the food
  • Infection by a virus or bacterium (or a vaccination) that has membrane proteins with similar structural elements to the food PRPs
  • High levels of stress including intensive exercise.
  • Once sensitised, the immune system will respond to the gluten and the person may suffer a broad range of conditions including autoimmune diseases, all of which should be considered as serious and actions should be promptly taken to address the problem including consulting a general practitioner or other health professional.

How may Bake Aid assist?

BAKE AID's components are designed by nature to digest the structural elements in gluten that cause gluten intolerance. The inclusion of BAKE AID as an ingredient in the reparation of food containing milled cereal grain has the potential to reduce the risk of any adverse reaction, to release the full nutrition of the wheat, and make the food more palatable. It cannot possibly make the food 'gluten-free' because the natural gluten has not been removed. The gluten has simply been digested so the amino acid sequences that cause the gluten intolerance are not present in the digested gluten.

How do I use Bake Aid?

Simply add ¼ teaspoon BAKE AID to each cup of flour, sift thoroughly 3 times through the flour and proceed as normal with the recipe. This applies to bread, cakes, biscuits, cookies, pizza, pasta, muffins, pikelets, pancakes, etc.


A small amount of BAKE AID may be added to a commercial sauce that has a cereal grain flour or a component of the flour in it before you start cooking the sauce, to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction.

200g CAD $80.00 plus $15.00 postage handling within Canada 

Pine Crush

The Queensland Sunshine Coast produces a variety of pineapple that is rich in an enzyme that is capable of digesting polysaccharide molecules, as well as the usual bromelain protease. Biohawk has developed Pine Crush with a high concentration of active enzymes to aid in the digestion of both polysaccharides and proteins made from the whole pineapple (skin removed). Currently it is available both in a form that has to be stored frozen and used thawed from the refrigerator and as a freeze-dried powder that is added to water and kept refrigerated during use.

Pine Crush has been shown to digest phlegm in the throat and lungs. It was developed to remove the carbohydrate coating on Gram-negative bacteria that binds to membrane proteins preventing the ginger digesting these proteins.

How do I take Pine Crush?

Thaw the Pine Crush completely, and for a child drink 5mL and for an adult 10mL before meals.

Store frozen frozen for up to 3 years, and before use, thaw contents completely and keep refrigerated for up to 30 days. It can be refrozen.

Ingredients pineapple crush (80%) with its aqueous extract

0.35kg CAD $42.00 plus $15.00 postage and handling within Canada

pine crush

More on Pine Crush

Pine Crush is made from a sweet pineapple that is grown in small volumes on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. It is rich in an enzyme at the time of harvest that is capable of very efficiently breaking down polysaccharide molecules such as the lipopolysaccharides that coat the outside of Gram-negative bacteria and some Gram-positive bacteria and the polysaccharide slime that encapsulates some bacteria. For some of these bacteria, the polysaccharide coating hides the bacterial membrane proteins from being broken down by Biohawk’s ginger products which are special for digesting
a particular type of protein commonly found on the outer-membranes of bacteria and that are essential for the bacterial function. For most Gram-positive bacteria where there is no lipopolysaccharide coating and for some medically important Gram-negative bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and
Pseudomonas aeruginosa where the lipopolysaccharide coating does not hide all the outer-membrane proteins, the ginger enzymes are able to do their job of digesting the outer-membrane proteins and expressed toxins. However, for some medically important bacteria, especially those that infect the throat and lungs such as Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus in uenzae b, the Biohawk ginger is unable to remove the infection. Consequently Professor Cliff Hawkins searched for a common food that had an enzyme capable of efficiently breaking down the polysaccharide coatings of bacteria. Pine Crush is the result of these studies. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome can arise from a cytokine peptide expressed by a hypersensitized immune system competing with insulin in the binding of glucose to energy cells. Another cause can be a saccharide competing with glucose for binding via insulin to the energy cell receptor. Pine Crush was also developed as a means of breaking down these saccharides. 

No independent clinical trials have been conducted with Pine Crush and bacteria or with chronic fatigue syndrome. The Pine Crush is provided as an aid to the digestion of polysaccharides.


Hair Testing 

Hair test with customized plan - RESULTS WITHIN 15 MINUTES

The statements provide a fast and effective way to get an overview of many underlying issues. The test provides indicative results to areas of your body that require further exploration.

**included with consultation** only in person hair tests are available.

We could be considered the best fed, and the most poorly nourished generation in the history of the world. The information obtained through hair profiling will define deficiencies that can then be addressed through food, lifestyle and supplementation.  

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Wellness Coaching 

Specializing in Autoimmune conditions stemming from food intolerances.

Do you want to improve your wellness and find it hard to stick to a plan? You may have gone to see many Alternative therapists and doctors and nothing seems to help and you are still suffering from a chronic condition.

I am a wellness coach with an extensive background in Ayurvedic Medicine (Traditional Indian Medicine) and a board certified doctor of natural medicine. I practice what I preach - knowing that suble changes are a daily - weekly - monthly practice. I understand that when I see a client they may leave with an overload of information and because of this they may not do anything. Which leaves them feeling deflated and back to square one.


I will work with you within a program you choose (check out my packages below). Together we can achieve the results you want. You aren't alone on this journey from my experience it's easier to reach your goals along with  support and coaching. I would like to be that person for you.

Give Me a call or send me an email - I would love to hear from you.

We can Talk about a plan that works for you! There is no risk by calling me and talking about what it is we can achieve together. 

Consultation Packages:

1 Session: $225.00 Includes 1 Hair Analysis with full consultation plus 2 - 30 min follow up phone consultations

2 Sessions: $420.00 Includes 2 Hair Analysis with full consultation plus 6 - 15 min follow up phone consultations

3 Sessions: $585.00 Includes 3 Hair Analysis with full consultation plus 9 - 15 min follow up phone consultations

4 Sessions: $745.00 Includes 4 Hair Analysis with full consultation plus 15 - 15 min follow up phone consultations.

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