Which chicken do you want to be?

The only difference between these two chickens is the one on the left has been drinking the water with the ‘Relief’. This has helped to break down the proteins in the food and the results are incredible. The chicken on the right is suffering from diarrhoea, weak bones, anxiety, poor weight gain and loss of feathers. 

If our bodies cannot digest a protein, that protein becomes a threat. And our immune system looks to destroy it and it will become hypersensitized.

Digestion plays a very key role in Ayurveda’s understanding of human health & illness. As in the digestive system you if you cannot digest your food you would get the same result as a car. If you don’t change the oil and take care of your car you could risk damaging the engine’s compression and interfering with the car’s performance.

If you aren’t able to digest your food properly you may be suffering from food sensitivity or food intolerance. The cause of food intolerance in food is proline rich proteins: 

Proteins are normally very flexible and can adapt to fit a particular protease enzyme's so that the protein can be digested. The fixed structure imposed by the proline makes it impossible for the usual protease enzymes to digest proline-rich proteins. 

Plants have this proline protein encapsulated in all their nutrition, their starch, their oil, vitamins and minerals and we don’t take up their nutrition as we should and it goes to our hind gut and causes all sorts of problems.

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