Enjoy eating bread again!

Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally defeated by bread! 

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When you walk into a bakery and get a waft of freshly baked bread it’s hard to overcome that pleasant aroma that brings a sense of happiness. But for some eating bread can cause unpleasant symptoms such as gut pain, fuzzy head, tiredness, constipation or

diahhrea.The immediate solution was to eliminate eliminate eliminate! I too have this problem and cut out bread, certain cereals, bakery treats etc. The list seemed endless. What I wouldn’t do for a slice of fresh bread from the bakery – but I knew the consequences and 8 hours of pain in my gut sometimes wasn’t worth it! 

Well there is good news. Making your own bread doesn’t need to be that daunting. With a simple recipe and the right ingredients you could easily prepare and make your own fresh bread that you can easily digest. With a preparation time of only 2 minutes! A No Knead Recipe!!

I use a special enzyme used to breakdown the gluten protein in the flour it is digested during the dough formation and cooking. Thus you gain the benefit from eating food with the proline-rich proteins digested because the full nutrition is available for
digestion early in the gastrointestinal tract providing all the foods’ energy, vitamins and minerals.

Without the ginger enzyme, the gluten proteins and their encapsulated nutrients pass through the small intestine into the large intestine where they are fermented by bacteria causing the hind-gut to become acidic preventing the survival of “good” bacteria such as are sold to you as “probiotics” and which normally populate a healthy hind-gut, and releasing toxins that can seriously adversely affect your health. This is true for all people, whether they have food intolerance or they do not suffer from food intolerance.

The above concentration of ginger does not give the product a “ginger”flavour, but it will improve the flavour of the cooked wheat flour food by removing the “gluten odour”.

This recipe is amazing....it "ferments" for a total of 20 hours, leaving it perfectly "pre-digested" so that it’s "SAFE 4 ALL!” 

Please fill out the information below and I will email the bread recipe right to you! 

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